“Growing Strong and Healthy Kids”

Sprouts is a program that teaches nutrition and wellness to children, so they can make the right choices and have a healthier lifestyle. It is part of a larger charity called Skills4Life which is focused on teaching skills to today’s youth that are needed for a healthy and successful life.


The goal of Sprouts is to help kids become better at picking the right foods and maintaining a healthy attitude towards exercise to help improve school performance and prevent childhood obesity and subsequent adult health issues. 


We focus on young children with the goal of creating healthy habits early.  The curriculum is administered during the school day when their learning abilities are at their best.  In classrooms and gyms, interactive and hands on examples and actual exercises are utilized to get the kids excited and interested in the concepts. The instructors and course developers are a certified dietician and exercise trainer. Other outreaches, such as educational posters displayed in the cafeteria, will also be incorporated during the school year to message to the kids in different venues during the school day.


Engaging teachers and parents in the process is key to a successful program that lasts longer then the school day and the school year. Both teachers and parents of the students are informed about the program and asked to participate in various ways.  Take home “assignments”, such as handouts from class, are utilized to keep parents in the loop. Teachers are present in the classroom so they can interface with the kids at a later time for questions.


As the program grows we will continually expand and change our activities as we receive feedback from the children. The goal is to teach the kids so that they can become the best they can be-- as teaching a skill lasts a lifetime and THEY are our future.


Sponsored by Skills4Life, a 501 (c) (3) charity.